Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Post :)

Hey everyone! I'm proud to present my new photography blog!!! YAY! It's been a long work in progress, seeing as I don't have the internet at my apartment, but alas-I have finished it! Obviously there will be changes along the way but I'm proud of the product. Let me know if you have any suggestions though as well!!

I figured I'd start my photography blog out with one of my favorite sessions I've done-although, lets face it I love all of them. The reason being I really loved this one is because it's of my best friend, Ashley, and her husband Jacob. I was gone serving my mission in Tennessee at the time her and Jacob got married. It was a hard time, especially since the plan was to always be at each other's weddings. However, before I left I did get to do her engagement pictures and then had the opportunity to redo her wedding/bridal pictures. I loved doing them and loved trying out new stuff with her, her and Jacob are perfect for each other and I couldn't have asked for a better man for her. I hope you enjoy them as well!